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                    “The more civilised the people, the more the pain of labour

                        appears to be intensified ......the more cultured the races of

                      the earth have become, so much more positive they have been

                       in promoting childbirth to be a painful and dangerous ordeal.”

                                          Grantley Dick-Read   “Childbirth without Fear”                 

Hypnotherapy and Childbirth

Hypnotherapy has become ever increasingly popular for assistance during childbirth - although it is certainly not a new idea.  It existed thousands of years ago and has undergone a revival since the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, an English obstetrician, who promoted natural birthing in the 1920s.

The purpose behind hypnotherapy for childbirth is to help pregnant mothers to understand that severe pain does not have to accompany labour.  You are encouraged to see that anxiety, fear and tension create increased pain sensations. Learning how to maintain sufficient relaxation can enable your muscles to work effectively along with labour--as they were designed to.

You will learn how to achieve this kind of relaxation, free from the resistance that fear and panic can create, and you will learn to use your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth.


When you have your baby using hypnosis techniques:

you will not be in a trance or a sleep. You will experience something like daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or a film.


You will be conversant and in good spirits and totally relaxed, but fully in control. You will be awake throughout and aware of what is happening to your body and its surges. By training yourself to reach complete relaxation you will be able to control the degree to which you will feel the surges.

You will be equipped to experience childbirth in an atmosphere of calm relaxation. In this calm state your body's natural anaesthesia:  endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that causes you to constrict and creates pain sensation.

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