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Skin Disorders

Skin problems can be unpleasant even where they have existed for only a short time, but where they have been going on for  longer it may be causing serious limitations to various aspects of your life.  Protracted periods of living with skin problems can affect self esteem and cause stress.

Unfortunately, the irony is that often stress and anxiety can exacerbate a skin problem. Not unlike a vicious circle this can lead to increased anxiety and stress related problems.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin often indicates the health of the individual. Long periods of biological stress; poor eating habits; smoking, drinking, certain medications and recreational substances can all show quite quickly on your skin if it is sensitive. Conditions such as psoraisis, dermatitis, eczema and even alopecia can sometimes be the result of lifestyle choices.,  Emotional lows take their toll on the body and can reduce the effectiveness of our immune system.  Around menstrual cycles a woman’s skin seems to have a mind of its own.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

A holistic view of your lifestyle will be taken: you may have already taken advice regarding the effects of certain foods; cosmetics or toiletries, therefore we will focus on helping you maintain equilibrium in your emotional health in order to reduce lows and create a balance in your overall well being and the functioning of your skin.  Regular relaxation can have a significant impact on problem skin. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in reducing the severity and even eliminating stress related skin disorders in many cases.

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