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Weight Concerns

Our relationship with food begins minutes after we are born. As babies we cry and we are fed and  comforted simultaneously. From here we continue through life to associate food to be a social activity; a way of thanking someone; commiserating with them; cheering ourselves up and celebrating and for many of us retaining this subconscious association with food can result in overeating the “comfort foods” we crave at certain times e.g., when we are stressed; lonely or bored. Scientists have proven how the effects of stress can thwart efforts for weight loss: holding on to fat for what the body and mind considers to be good reason.

Alternatively, our experiences may lead us to view food as our enemy, resulting in our weight falling below healthy guidelines.  A balanced diet helps us to stay fit and healthy. Despite knowing this we often need help to motivate ourselves in this direction.

Our relationship with food can be like a ride on a love-hate emotional rollercoaster. When things are going well in and we feel positive in our lives we don’t generally resort to habitual under or overeating.  With Sue Pitman’s help using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy along with your commitment to change you can transform your attitude towards food for ever. Cardiff Hypnotherapy Solutions will guide you to use logical thinking over emotional habits to motivate you in your weight loss - and to keep it off, enjoying a new preferred self image, naturally  and without resorting to faddy or extreme diets.

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