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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Effective fast therapy that works

As a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist I work with clients by supporting their well being and helping them achieve their desired changes and goals as well as overcoming challenges they may be facing.

During our sessions, I will help you to orientate your focus on your goals as you develop increasing awareness of your strengths and skills. You can just thrive alongside your increased positivity and confidence.

The type of hypnotherapy I practise can help you change your life without digging up the past.

As with all worthwhile achievements this therapy takes effort and you certainly get back what you put in. I give you tasks, tips and techniques to help you create new thought patterns and to help you to switch off the autopilot voice or reaction.

To achieve your goals and ambitions, such as to gain control over eating, to quit smoking or any other habit or to improve your personal or professional relationships, or enhance your performance in the workplace, in school or at sport.

Relieving stress and the symptoms of anxiety such as panic attacks and overthinking which can result in undesired problems such as insomnia, lack of confidence and low self esteem. can help relieve symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and of depression.

Overcoming nerves for interviews, presentations, building motivation and combatting procrastination. Taking charge with phobias such as spiders, snakes, needles, flying, emetephobia, claustrophobia. Addressing angry feelings and just learning to get on and cope with daily life and living your best!

One small step can start you on your way

At any point in our life, we can find ourselves in situations which no longer feel right for us.  We may feel increasingly irritated or overwhelmed by our life circumstances for example: feeling unhealthy or overweight; unable to do the things we want to out of fear of failure or looking stupid, or even just being snappy at the slightest thing. Hypnotherapy can help raise your awareness to those areas needing attention and where desired changes can be made and we will work with you to action your goals.

At a conscious level you may recognise a bad habit and know you want to stop or change it. Unfortunately, just knowing doesn’t always create the changes otherwise we would overcome our obstacles without help from people like me.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to help you change attitudes and behaviours which you find have a negative impact on your life.  Some of the desired changes originate at a deep subconscious level.  This is why using hypnotherapy and hypnotic techniques can be so successful.

Anyone with a weight problem, for example, can tell you they already know at a conscious level exactly the right foods and proportions which would help them achieve their goal – so if we know already what stops us from just doing it?  It is more often the case people in situations such as this feel unable to control their subconscious agenda and desire for food as it emerges. When you choose to work with a trained and qualified hypnotherapist these underlying beliefs and desires can change

Speak to a therapist at Cardiff Hypnotherapy Solutions now and within a few hours you may resolve issues or problems which have troubled you for years!

Happy Clients

“After the first session with Sue my insomnia improved and is now virtually gone. I am far more able to cope with stressful situations and the techniques she introduced with the hypnotherapy have put me back in the driving seat. Life is good again!”


“ Just thought I’d let you know how well I’m doing. I no longer take the anti depressants and beta blockers which I took for nineteen years. I have lost over a stone and a half and I’m feeling so great. I have a much more positive attitude to everyday life. Thank you so much for your help, I wish I’d met you years ago.“


“Thanks to you Sue it feels like a new chapter has now opened up for me and I’m enjoying every minute! The thought of flying was enough to send me over the edge and all that’s gone – I celebrated my 50th birthday in Florence. I can’t recommend you highly enough”.

MISS L Cardiff

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