How much does it cost?

Telephone consultation with Sue is free of charge

Initial session

Initial session: £90

(Total duration: 90 -120 minutes)

Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent Sessions £65.00
(approx 55 minutes)

Stop Smoking

Smoking Cessation one off session £150.00
(approx 90-120 minutes, includes free CD/ mp3 file)

 Sue’s HPD qualification and NCH membership as the “gold standard” is accepted by private health insurers. Check your policy.


What you can expect

 Confidential Initial Consultations precede all first appointments except for Smoking Cessation.  

The Initial Consultation is regularly described by my clients as “enlightening” because of the simple, uncomplicated way in which I explain how the mind works, entirely personal to their circumstances. It provides a clear understanding of what causes repetitive, negative, unhelpful thought patterns; behaviours and habit. Awareness of the link between thought and behaviour has a powerful effect on my clients’ ability to change.  From here, I prepare a programme personally tailored to suit your needs using the techniques of Solution Focused Brief Therapy; NLP; CBT and Hypnosis.  The Initial Consultation provides an opportunity for us to see if we can work well together in a good therapeutic relationship as well as to answer any questions you may have about the process and to dispel any myths. No treatment takes place during the Initial Consultation.

 Specific Fears and Phobias will normally take 3 or 4 sessions to resolve at the cost of

£65 per session.

 The prices shown include CD/MP3 support and are payable at the end of each session.

What you will need to do – and Cancellation Policy

 Full client commitment, such as listening to the relaxation/confidence building CD/MP3, is important for the sessions to be worthwhile. Clients must be willing to work in this way to progress and make change.

 Appointments need to be kept to make the necessary progress with your goals.

 Please be aware that missed appointments or appointments which are rescheduled within less than 48 hours notice are charged at the full rate.

Exceptions can be made for emergencies in the case of genuine sudden illness

I take great pride in helping clients achieve their desired outcome. I am committed to following the principles of Solution Focused Brief Therapy to ensure that by carefully tailoring sessions to suit individual clients we arrange only as many as are needed to reach their goal.

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