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Headaches and Migranes

You really know when things are getting on top of you. Your head starts to pound.

sometimes this can lead to a whole night of pain or if you are a migraine sufferer a day, sometimes longer, in bed.

You might not know the cause of your headaches– they just start and before long you are incapacitated. Why does this keep happening?

Headaches can occur for a number of reasons – often stress , worries, undue pressure with work or at home. They can range from environmentally induced (air conditioning, smells, noise) which may occur periodically to intense migraines that fully incapacitate.

Headaches can interrupt concentration and prevent you carrying out important tasks. Hypnotherapy can help reduce tension which can create persistent headaches.

NOTE: Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy which can alleviate symptoms and assist in finding causes and solutions to problems.  However, it is no substitute for medical guidance provided by your doctor. Any repeated headaches need to be checked by your doctor before any work can be undertaken. This is to ensure any serious health conditions can be ruled out.

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