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Stop Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking for good?

Do you or do you know someone who wants to quit smoking for good?

If your answer is “Yes” then you may like to know giving up smoking can be easier than you think.  The truth is that it’s easy once you have made the decision to give up.  Hypnotherapy achieves quick and effective results in helping clients permanently dispel their unwanted habits – and quitting smoking is the most straight forward.

Physical addiction makes up less than 10% of the reasons for smoking? It’s true, the remainder is entirely psychological.  This isn’t the information generally promoted by companies with a vested interest.  Hypnotherapy can help you break with the emotional/psychological attachment to smoking.

How do we get trapped in this habit?

Most smokers are aware smoking is dangerous to their health. If it was anything else which was harmful you would normally stop it, so why is it more difficult with smoking?

The unconscious mind stores all our habits and behaviours and its purpose is to guide you to do the right thing for you.  When you first started, the natural response to cigarettes was usually to make you nauseous and light headed. Although your body wanted to reject these poisonous substances you finally beat the natural response and began creating a negative habit.  Smoking started to make you think of comfort , treat and good, sociable experiences to see you through life’s challenges.

Despite this……

Often your association between cigarettes as a comfort during a stressful time just provides provide temporary relief from the actual habit itself.  For the smokers who aren’t already aware, the stress doesn’t go anywhere – it’s still there. 

Worse than that, he cigarette causes adrenalin to be produced and is therefore creating a habit for you to live with increasing levels of stress hormone in your body. The stress hormone which meant to be produced when you are in a fight or flight situation.  If each time you smoke a cigarette you’re releasing adrenalin, this is inevitably going to lead to stress, anxiety, depression or all three.   Because your subconscious has stored false information – that by smoking you are easing stress – you will be encouraged and reminded to continue the habit and light up the next one by the part of the brain which is trying to help you.

So we know that adrenalin can lead to increased stress but did you also know the nicotine replaces the function of serotonin?  The urge to light up the next cigarette is largely driven by the need for a lift – from the deadly substance which causes deterioration in your ability to cope unless you increase the cigarettes……

How can Hypnotherapy help you quit?

Stopping smoking is one of the main reasons clients make appointments with hypnotherapists. The largest ever scientific test comparison of ways for stopping found hypnosis to be the most effective way of breaking the habit,  Cold turkey, less so.

Hypnotherapy helps you to access the unconscious part of your mind and retrain it to think differently about smoking so it no longer encourages you to smoke. However, you have to be willing and committed for this to happen. Any ambivalence or resistance will undo any work we do. Success hinges on the difference between saying we want to quit, knowing all the reasons for doing so and actually meaning it. If you genuinely are not 100% committed to giving up, don’t waste time and money. If you just need a little help to increase your motivation – that’s easy.

When you remove that deep drive to smoke quitting permanently is easier.

Between two and three hypnotherapy sessions is usually required during which we will use techniques and specific positive suggestions to help you draw upon your resources for coping with the historic motivations for smoking and to ensure you quit for good.

I will give you access to a download as part of the programme which you can listen to in your own time.

What you need to do

The biggest decision you need to make is to decide to quit once and for all.  There can never be a better time than right now – so just go for it!  Just think about the health benefits; the reasons for protecting your health and well being – as well as the financial advantages to quitting!  This has to be a win-win decision. Allowing your unconscious let go of that unhealthy association, retrain the mind to access the resources it needs when help is needed and focus on the positive benefits of quitting smoking for good.

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