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Fears and Phobias

Anyone who suffers from a phobia or irrational fear knows how distressing it can be.

Phobias are usually created from a negative memory which can be real or often imagined. This is stored in your subconscious ready to emerge when the circumstance arises. Phobias range from specific subjects such as a fear of spiders; snakes; birds or flying to non specific subjects like claustrophobia, (enclosed spaces) or agoraphobia, (open spaces), emetephobia (being sick). A phobia can sometimes seem to appear from out of the blue making it evening harder to fathom.

Using specific techniques which can help you to release the fear you will be encouraged to think referring to the positive and logical resource in your brain.

Hypnotherapy works on negative thinking styles and phobic responses in a safe, supportive environment.  

A successful outcome can never be guaranteed, Responses vary between individuals.   Aerophobia, fear of flying, can be a specific fear of the flight itself or it can be a non-specific fear of being out of control.  Working with you will enable the right type of work to be done to achieve your goal.

A non-specific phobia may have a deeper root cause which is likely to take a little longer to help you resolve. Nevertheless I can work with you.

Three sessions of Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapy is typically needed for treatment of specific phobias. Non specific phobias, such as those detailed above, are likely to require more sessions, usually between 6-10.

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