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It may come as a surprise to know Mindfulness can be practised in almost any environment: in your car, shopping, eating dinner or even in your workplace…

As your learn how to do it best for you, it becomes a good habit and as with all habits, we become better at them with practice.  It is a matter of finding time to incorporate mindfulness into your life every day. 

To help you begin, I provide a free mindfulness MP3 download after your first session which can help you build and create your own way to finding that inner peace and calm. 

How does Mindfulness differ from Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses guided imagery to invite you to visualise your way to creating a specific or desired change.  To help you achieve this, I use metaphor in stories which stimulates your mind to consider a desired change in pattern of thought, feeling and/or behaviour. 

Mindfulness is different from positive thinking because it allows us to release the control from our thoughts altogether and become more of an observer.  When we observe we create awareness of the subconscious thoughts which are not always in our line of focus.  If we choose, the awareness can create change.  We are programmed from a young age to store responses for automatic use when needed eg. Tying shoes laces, brushing teeth but can also be for responses to how we react to embarrassment in front of others and these can be filed and become habitual and not necessarily what we want. By creating a safe, non-judgemental space to allow the mind to observe in this way we can become comfortable with our thoughts. Through practice, concentration and focus we can build an understanding of our  mind and body. 

Mindfulness is not so much about doing anything all but simply allowing ourselves to simply be.  There is no right or wrong way. It is all about practise.  When we apply our focus on the here and now and just being in the present moment we can actually start to see things from fresh eyes. This often helps in our approach to problems because when we  take a moment to reflect on what is causing worry or concern, it is often because our mind is drawing on past experiences and future assumptions or even other peoples opinions and experiences,  and these may be automatic responses. However they have no need to govern how you think in the here and now. Being in the present moment makes this moment a new experience and can create limitless potential.

Clinical trials provide substantial evidence to support the effectiveness of mindfulness practice for conditions such as 

Mindfulness can assist in many areas of your life and there are many different ways you can incorporate mindfulness. 

As a qualified Mindfulness Teacher I can work with you to help you discover your way to practise Mindfulness and achieve its many benefits.  I currently offer telephone or Zoom appointments.  If you would like to learn more, please CONTACT ME 

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