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Here are a few of the lovely things people have said about how I’ve helped them with a range of personal and private hypnotherapy and psychotherapy solutions.

Testimonial from Anxiety Client

“Hello Sue, I think I’m moving on with a much greater grasp of the matters in hand, which is due to you helping open the mental doors for me, for this I am in your debt. “

Mr A. Cyncoed

Testimonial from Mrs M. in Bridgend

“Sue, I would like to thank you for the lifeline and support you have offered to both myself and our daughter, she had been struggling with extreme anxieties which have affected her and our lives for the past five years. She lost all her confidence and suffered panic attacks …at her worst she was housebound…..the first day we came to see you we sat in the car whilst she entered the building crying and shaking. You put her at ease and listened. You explained the process and for the first time in many years I saw a light come on and I knew as a parent I could step back. With each session her strength came back and she set herself targets and shone when she reached them. After five sessions she is able to recognise she is where she wants to be and is now looking forward to her future and experiencing life.  Sue, she laughs and enjoys her life. The phone call was the turning point she wanted and has thrived on your support.  Thank you for giving me back my daughter and from my grandchild giving her back a mother that smiles and doesn’t cry.”

Mrs M. Bridgend

Testimonial from Mrs H. in Kenfig

“Hi Sue, I have not touched my eyelashes since our first meeting! And I have a full set of beautiful eyelashes! More importantly I don’t feel the need to touch them, also I applied what you said to my everyday life and am finding it a lot easier to deal with everyday life with a more positive laid back attitude!!,,, even had a party to go to a week ago which was always a no no for me in the past but got dressed up! Looked good! Felt good! So enjoyed the evening instead of getting stressed out before I got there and unable to switch off….. Thank you once again…I hope this inspires others as the first call is always the hardest part…

Mrs H.  Kenfig

Testimonial from Mrs B. in Barry

“After the first session with Sue my insomnia improved and is now virtually gone. I am far more able to cope with stressful situations and the techniques she introduced with the hypnotherapy have put me back in the driving seat. Life is good again!”

Mrs B. Barry

Testimonial from Suzanne M in Cardiff

“This has done wonders for my driving! Now I’m driving again. Thank you xx”“Hi, just  been to Tenby and back in the car! Never thought I would ever go any distance in a car again, let alone all the way to Pembroke.  Thank you Sue”

Suzanne M. Cardiff

Testimonial from Miss M in Maesteg

“Thank you for your help Sue. I feel more positive about things  and I find I am able to control my eating which is great.”

Miss M, Maesteg

Testimonial from Miss P in Vale of Glam

“You’ve given me a greater understanding of my condition and I feel better able to deal with my highs and lows and I can only thank you very much for this. “

Miss P, Vale of Glam

Testimonial from Mrs H in Bridgend

“ Just thought I’d let you know how well I’m doing. I no longer take the anti depressants and beta blockers which I took for nineteen years. I have lost over a stone and a half and I’m feeling so great. I have a much more positive attitude to everyday life. Thank you so much for your help, I wish I’d met you years ago.“

Mrs H. Bridgend

Testimonial from Miss L, in Cardiff 

“Thanks to you Sue it feels like a new chapter has now opened up for me and I’m enjoying every minute! The thought of flying was enough to send me over the edge and all that’s gone – I celebrated my 50th birthday in Florence. I can’t recommend you highly enough”.   

Miss L, Cardiff 

Testimonial from Mrs P in Ystradowen

“Hi Sue, I am feeling great, you have lifted me out of the doldrums in one session, thank you so much.  Will be back when and if there is a need. “

Mrs P, Ystradowen

Testimonial from Miss D. Bridgend

“Since my session with you everything has totally changed! It’s as if I’m living a normal life! It has made my life bearable again and I honestly cannot thank you enough! Words cannot describe how my life has turned around and I am not spending each day thinking “do I feel sick? Am I going to be sick?”  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much.”

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