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Online Hypnotherapy

I have been working online using various video conferencing platforms since qualifying. I started by using Skype but now tend to use Zoom with clients and supervisees.

Hypnotherapy online or by phone

Occasionally a client may have reservations about using online hypnotherapy, but I can reassure you there is no need. Provided you have a stable internet connection, an appropriate device, ideally a laptop or desktop computer, but a mobile phone or tablet will work too, and a willingness to try, it can be hugely rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. From experience many who expressed initial reservations very quickly familiarised themselves with the technology and found it easy so they actually enjoyed all the benefits of not having to travel, drive, park or even leave home! Where required I can conduct hypnotherapy appointments on the phone. Where possible I encourage the Initial Consultation to be attended via Zoom as it is easier to demonstrate certain aspects of the therapy using diagrams and sketches, however, if this is not possible we can work around this.

What happens if the connection fails when I am in trance?

Since we are in various degrees of trance for over 90% of our day, it is a fairly normal state of mind. It is just much more relaxed and for some it can feel as though you are in a deep sleep. Have you ever driven home on a familiar route and daydreamed the whole way but remarkably managed to stop for a red light or a person on a zebra crossing? My hypnotherapy sessions work similarly. In the rare event of an internet interruption, part of the introduction to trance includes what will happen if this should occur. Quite simply, you slowly awaken and we reconnect… just as you would with anyone else. You cannot get stuck in a trance.

Flexible Hypnotherapy

The beauty of conducting hypnotherapy appointments online is they can be conducted pretty much anywhere. It is flexible and can work around you. This comes with one big caveat: you must be in a safe, confidential place where you have access to a stable internet connection for 50 minutes. I will always take from you a contact number for a next of kin or close responsible adult in the event you need assistance. This has never been needed yet, but it is good to be prepared. There can be more distractions in an environment of your own choosing, however in reality, no location is ever guaranteed to be disturbance free. However, to gain maximum benefit from our appointments it is important that clients are able to give their full attention for the duration of the appointment time.
From my point of view, working online allows me the advantage of greater flexibility by not having to be in two separate clinics for sequential appointments. This enables me to pass on this flexibility to you.

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