It is fair to say that when getting pregnant is the last thing woman want they take the steps to ensure they don’t. When becoming pregnant becomes the focus stopping preventative measures seems all that is needed for it to happen.  This may be the case, but sometimes when it isn’t, an escalating level of stress and emotional upset can develop. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 50% of fertility issues are as a result of female difficulties;
  • 25% are because of male difficulties;
  • 25% are for unknown reasons.
  • female difficulties 50% 50%
  • male difficulties 25% 25%
  • Unknown reasons 25% 25%

All to often, when there is an increase in medical intervention, the levels of stress and anxiety in both male and female increase.  The stakes are higher and the desire to ensure they do everything “right” to achieve success creates increasing pressure.

One of the symptoms of heightened stress or anxiety can be the increase in the production of adrenaline. When this happens our body believes we are in danger and prepares itself for “fight or flight”.  In this mode, our brain decides which parts of the body are essential to prepare for battle and unfortunately, the reproductive organs are not high on the priority list.  

At the very time our reproductive organs need greater help, they can often be deprived. This can exacerbate problems when trying to conceive naturally or when receiving fertility treatment.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you be the very best you can.  

By working with you to relax in body and mind, you can give yourself the opportunity to return to equilibrium.  Although there are no guarantees, Hypnotherapy can help you change your outlook of the situation to give yourself the best possible chance for conception to happen – whether naturally or with the help of fertility treatment.

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