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Exam Nerves

This common problem also known as Performance Anxiety has probably lost more people more opportunities than any other psychological problem. 

The problem begins as Anxiety, before an event such as an interview or exam. Nervous chemicals build in the candidate’s body which can cause the ‘fight or flight’ response to take over and leave their performance somewhat wanting. The result is often disappointment and often a negative outcome.

The next time the candidate attends an interview or exam history can often repeats itself. This may be because of conscious thoughts such as “I hope I don’t fall apart like last time” bringing memories of the previous occasion to the forefront of the mind. Alternatively, there may be no conscious thoughts about the past history but nevertheless the anxiety may still return.   A similar pattern of thought causes a piece of music from our teenage years to bring back strong feelings which we may or may not be able to identify. This memory is stored in the subconscious mind.

We will work with you to enable you to recognise negative rumination and adopt a calm, confident approach so that this is stored in your subconscious for similar future situations. In this way,  the unhelpful thought patterns are interrupted and usually stopped thereby helping you take back control, unobstructed to perform at your very best and get to where you want and deserve to be!

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