We can all experience times when we feel down. Sometimes if our mood stays low for a long time, we can start to feel stuck and at its most extreme depression can literally grind you to a halt both mentally and physically.

Signs and  symptoms of depression can include:

  • loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed. This may include sex; loss of appetite (weight loss) or overeating (weight gain);
  • fatigue, lacking in energy;
  • feeling restless: irritable even angry;
  • loss of emotional expression; sadness; anxiety; feelings of hopelessness; negativity; guilt; worthlessness or helplessness; social isolation;
  • sleep disturbance: possibly with insomnia, early awakening, or oversleeping;
  • difficulty concentrating, remembering, or prevaricating;  
  • persistence of physical problems such as headachesIBS or other digestive disorders, or pain which do not respond to treatment;

If you have been feeling low for a while, or you are suffering from one of the keynote symptoms above you could be experiencing depression. Often a chat with your GP will help and he may prescribe medication.

Hypnotherapy can be effective even for long term sufferers. It can help you to identify the triggers for depression and work with you to build a brighter outlook, stimulating the intellectual mind to react positively to life’s situations. Hypnotherapy can assist by improving the quality of sleep and fixing a regular pattern.  Listening to my CD/Mp3 recording supplied as part of the programme is very important to maintain the progress between sessions.

You will be encouraged to naturally boost the production of important neuro-transmitters such as seratonin and dopamine to  help your mood.

In a relatively short period of time you will start looking for solutions which are right for you to improve your thinking and your circumstances so you can feel more in control of your own life rather than as a mere observer on the outside looking in.

As with sufferers of anxiety, the number of treatments will vary according to your individual needs.  Many clients find  6-10 sessions suffice, where those with more complex symptoms may require more sessions.

Useful articles:

“Self Hypnosis to build confidence and develop optimism”

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