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There is no doubt we are all born with confidence.

Unfortunately life can deal some blows which may affect belief in ourselves and if it isn’t remedied it can leave us feeling disempowered.  Low self esteem or lack of confidence can be a symptom of depression or anxiety although it may occur as a consequence of negative experiences.

Lacking confidence can also be the basis for;

    Rebuilding confidence is the usual primary focal point Using hypnotherapy techniquesmcan help you restore your sense of self by encouraging you to think objectively and make your assumptions from the part of your brain which is rational and honest and to disregard negative, unhelpful ruminating.

    Removing the habitual inappropriate beliefs and unscrambling the often mean and confused dialogue you have with yourself, you can start focusing on what is right for you – rather than what isn’t.

    When we find our confidence everything else in our lives seems to fall into place. We cope so much better with life and we draw positivity towards us.

    During your sessions you will be encouraged to use positive language and techniques which help you identify rogue negative self talk. Once we are aware – then we can begin to transform. During the relaxed hypnosis we let the part of the brain which can effect change take responsibility for absorbing what you want and to seek out the solutions to achieve your goals.

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