Managing your Anger

Everyone feels their anger is justified when they’re actually angry. Equally, we’ve all looked back and realised we may have overreacted. But for some people, anger can become a problem that needs to be addressed. Understanding anger It’s important to realise several things about anger before you start tackling it. First, anger is a normal

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pain-free surgery hypnosis

Pain-free surgery – by Hypnosis

A British woman has undergone major surgery on her foot without an anaesthetic after she hypnotised herself into feeling no pain. Bernadine Coady insists that she could not feel anything as a surgeon cut skin and muscle, sawed through two bones and stretched tendons during the operation on her right foot. The 59-year-old nurse –

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mind over medicine hypnosis

Mind Over Medicine

Shelley Thomas, 53, was wheeled into an anteroom at London’s Middlesex Hospital in preparation for pelvic surgery. A patient going into that operation is usually given a mix of painkilling narcotics and nerve-quelling tranquilizers. But not Thomas. Instead she rested on a gurney, alert and calm, taking deep breaths at her hypnotherapist’s instruction. Thomas counted

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cancer care hypnosis

Mind Over Body in Cancer Care

Source: Times Hypnosis, often thought of as a party piece where suggestible people are made fools of, is being given a new lease of life. Dr Leslie Walker, a lecturer in mental health at the University of Aberdeen, has found it a useful tool for cancer patients suffering from the side-effects of chemotherapy. Although not

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